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bucket pronunciación
1 a round open-topped container for holding or carrying liquids and solids such as sand, etc.
2 a bucketful need about two buckets of water .
3 colloq a rubbish-bin or wastepaper basket.
4 Aust colloq an icecream tub.
5 comput the amount of data which may be transferred from a backing store in one operation.
6 the scoop of a dredging machine.
verb (bucketed , bucketing ) colloq
1 (also bucket down) intr said of rain: to pour down heavily.
2 (esp bucket along or down) now usu intr to drive or ride very hard or bumpily bucketing down the hill .
3 to put, lift or carry something in a bucket.
[13c: related to Anglo-French buket a pail, and Anglo-Saxon buc a pitcher]
kick the bucket see under kick.
rain buckets, weep buckets, etc to rain or weep, etc long, hard and continuously.

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